Paper submission

The submission abstract process is now closed.
If your abstract has been accepted, you are now invited to submit the draft paper no later than 20 November 2017, using the Extranet Authors.

To submit your full length draft paper, please download the template MS Word model.
LaTeX model is available.

Key dates to remember

Abstracts due: Monday 11 September 2017
Draft papers due: Monday 20 November 2017
Final papers due: Monday 19 February 2018
Author's registration: Friday 13th March 2018


The official language of the conference is the English. The conference papers will be written and presented in English. Although all submitted papers will be considered by the Organising Committee, final acceptance will depend upon the Committee's decision based on the contents of the final manuscript.

The presenting author of each paper will be entitled to a reduction in their registration fee. Speakers will not be reimbursed any travel or accommodation expenses.

All papers will be published in electronic format and in a soft-bound volume of abstracts available to all conference delegates.

During the conference, each author has exactly 20 minutes to make its presentation, followed by 8 minutes of questions. The 2 minutes remaining are used to change the speaker, to display the next presentation and to install the microphone.
It will be possible to listen to sound in the conference rooms with loudspeakers.


Selected papers will be considered for publication in either the Noise Control Engineering Journal or the Journal of Power and Energy, with the choice being dependent on the scope of the paper. For further details visit the Noise Control Engineering Journal and Journal of Power and Energy websites.